Johann anton andre

The most instructive aspect of this piece is the rocking figure that exists primarily in the left hand of this charming piece, which offers a variety of educational opportunities. Students can work with the concept of two voices in a single hand, can practice voicing within that hand, and can practice rotation that will prepare them for tremolo lines later on. This figure also features a countermelody that complements the primary melody in the other hand. Although this figure is found exclusively in the left hand at the beginning of the piece, the second section affords the right hand the opportunity to take advantage of these techniques.

One other salient learning point in this piece is the sophisticated phrasing at the beginning of the B section, which requires students to phrase lines within and across barlines, emphasizing the harmony rather than the meter. The imitative texture also requires students to emphasize different parts of the measure simultaneously.


Margaret Runaas, Professor of Music, Iowa Wesleyan College


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