Bela Bartok, Staccato and Legato (Canon) (MK2)00:36

Bela Bartok, Staccato and Legato (Canon) (MK2)

Bela bartok

Béla Bartók

Playing pieces written in the style of a canon is a perfect way to increase the coordination skills of young pianists. In this short piece, students will encounter staccato and legato markings in both hands, often occurring at the same time. Practicing hands alone may make this combination of articulations easier. The entire piece is in the same hand position and not many dynamic markings are included. This allows students to really focus on following the articulation markings.

Publisher InformationEdit

Mikrokosmos is available through Boosey and Hawkes.


Caroline Krause, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates Fellow

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