Chee-Hwa Tan, Shadow March00:51

Chee-Hwa Tan, Shadow March

Chee-hwa tan

Chee-Hwa Tan

Chee-Hwa Tan perfectly captures the emotions associated with passing through a dimly-lit passage. In D minor position, the hands rarely have to move. However, the right hand needs to be competent at playing in bass and treble clef. Students can have fun making the ending dramatic. One should remain attentive during the climactic rests, considering them to be part of the music. The final fortissimo ought to be quite startling.  

Composer/Publisher InformationEdit

Complete bio can be found at**

Through the Windowpane is available through The Frederick Harris Music Co., Limited, 2005


Caroline Krause, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates Fellow

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