Chee-Hwa Tan, Winter-Time01:16

Chee-Hwa Tan, Winter-Time

Chee-hwa tan

Chee-Hwa Tan

Chee-Hwa Tan makes it clear in her introduction that students should pick a slow, steady walking tempo to create the feeling of walking through deep snow. Students will enjoy using a pentatonic scale using only black keys. The significant amount of accidentals, however, can be initially confusing. Creating an atmosphere is one of the most important elements of the piece. Dynamics and sensitivity concerning the ritardando at the end help with this.

Composer/Publisher InformationEdit

Complete bio can be found at**

Through the Windowpane is available through The Frederick Harris Music Co., Limited, 2005


Caroline Krause, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates Fellow

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