Konrad Kunz, Op. 14, No00:20

Konrad Kunz, Op. 14, No. 12

Konrad Kunz

Konrad Kunz

The increase in difficulty from the previous canon in this collection to No. 12 is quite drastic. Kunz begins to use articulations other than just legato. For example, the right hand begins with staccatos and then has a short passage of slurs. The left hand follows the same pattern, beginning two beats behind the right hand. This means that one will often have to play contrasting articulations, adding an extra challenge for beginning pianists. Creating a strong distinction between legato and staccato will help give this piece its character.

Publisher InformationEdit

200 Piccoli Canoni a due parti, Op. 14 can be purchased here  


Caroline Krause, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates Fellow

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