Lynn Freeman Olson, On the Waves00:37

Lynn Freeman Olson, On the Waves


Lynn Freeman Olson

The waves of "On The Waves" are depicted by two-note gestures being tossed back and forth from hand to hand, mimicking the rocking of the boat.  The publisher/composer set this piece in a remarkably clever way: broken up/unfinished measures appear whenever a measure at the end of a line features a pick-up note to the next measure.  The pick-up note is moved to the next line, much like it would at the very beginning of a piece with a pick-up.  This gives the student a wonderful visual image of how pick-ups work throughout a piece.

Composer/Publisher InformationEdit

One of the most sought-after clinicians in music education of his time, Lynn Freeman Olson was also a prolific composer of music for keyboard study and classroom use. With degrees from the University of Minnesota, Mr. Olson traveled to an average of 30 states each year presenting workshops and clinics for conventions, teacher groups and school systems prior to his death in 1987.

Near The Beginning is published by Carl Fischer, 1971


Dr. Alan Huckleberry, Associate Professor of Piano Pedagogy, The University of Iowa School of Music

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