Martin Kutnowski, Tutu Maramba00:36

Martin Kutnowski, Tutu Maramba


Martín Kutnowski

Students should be sure to bring out the tenderness in this lullaby. Highlighting the melodic aspects in both hands will help to create a peaceful mood. The frequent hand positions changes, finger crossings, and finger substitutions in the left hand can be difficult. The only articulation used is legato, and pedal can also help create a smooth sound. Students may want to use the una corda pedal in the final measures to produce a special, extra soft dynamic level.

Composer/Publisher InformationEdit

Complete bio can be found at

Echoes, Pictures, Riddles, and Tales for Piano Solo is available through The FJH Music Company INC, 2005.


Caroline Krause, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates Fellow

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