Robert Vandall

As the first selection in Vandall’s Volume I of preludes, this perky piece starts off the collection in C major. The other six preludes in Volume I proceed systematically through all the white keys.  The opening sequential melody of a descending fourth followed by an ascending second is the same pattern used in “Pachelbel’s Canon.”  This may be a good time to introduce the concept of using the same harmonic progressions or melodies in multiple pieces. The melody is contained in the left hand throughout. Clear articulation of staccatos and two-note slurs add variety to this melody. The accompaniment consists of broken chords as sixteenth notes. These should be played steadily and at a slightly subdued dynamic level so that the melody can be heard. This a great prelude for practicing playing cleanly, brilliantly, and evenly.


Caroline Krause, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates Fellow


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