Timothy Brown, Fandango del Sol01:31

Timothy Brown, Fandango del Sol


Timothy Brown

"The fandango is a Spanish dance in triple meter, traditionally accompanied by guitar and castanets. It is moderate to fast in tempo and can sometimes contain a slower melody which may be sung.  The contrasts in tempo and dynamics give this piece its lively, dance-like quality." (Timothy Brown, reproduced here with permission of the composer.)

In order to capture the Spanish essence of this piece, students will need to have a good sense of rubato, as well as great dynamic range. The middle section has a delightful imitation of castanets. This piece is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Composer/Publisher InformationEdit

Biographical and other information about Timothy Brown can be found here

"From Far Away Places" can be purchased here


Dr. Alan Huckleberry, Associate Professor of Piano Pedagogy, The University of Iowa School of Music

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