Timothy Brown, The Black Pearl01:00

Timothy Brown, The Black Pearl


Timothy Brown

"As you play, try to imagine the mysterious feeling of diving deeper and deeper into the ocean. The harmonies should ripple like water as they flow throughout the arpeggiated accompaniment." (Timothy Brown, reproduced here with permission of the author.)

Within the arpeggios, which are tossed off from hand to hand, the young pianist must articulate the first note in such a way to create the compound melody.  Without that, this piece could easily become an etude in arpeggios.  It is upon the performer to bring out the music.

Composer/Publisher InformationEdit

Biographical and other information about Timothy Brown can be found here

"From Far Away Places" can be purchased here


Dr. Alan Huckleberry, Associate Professor of Piano Pedagogy, The University of Iowa School of Music

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